Wedding Preparations Part 4 | Invitations

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Alhamdulillah to all that has reached out to me – through twitter or Instagram, expressing your gratitude for my blog posts and how much it has benefited you a thing or two. I am just an ordinary person, hoping to inspire people as much as I can. And with all the warm words I have received, ma shaa Allah I couldn’t be more thankful to you too for reading my blog.

So, the most painstaking part of a wedding is; who to invite?! I, absolutely hate this topic right from day 1. Why? Well honestly, I couldn’t be bothered at all with relatives that are not close to me. Well not to sound mean or whatever but, isn’t it funny that the fact that we are not close, then suddenly you just want to invite these people?

Even for Eid, you don’t see those people you know what I mean? Rather than inviting people that are not close to me, might as well I use up the cards strategically so that it won’t go to waste or to people I know that will most probably not come. Think carefully, who will come, who will not.

To host a small wedding, you really have to go into details as to who you would like to invite. The best way is to not invite the whole family. Instead, invite only the husbands and wives. Like, Farah & Husband not Farah & Family. This way, it kind of place people in a mindset that maybe, the bride & groom want to minimize the amount of guests.

I think it’s completely normal to just invite the ‘husbands & wives’ or only the ‘mums & dads’. Maybe the children or the cousins can just send their regards through the parents you know? Try not to feel guilty about it. After all, if you are doing just a small wedding, it is very important to save anything that is possible to be saved in terms of costs/guests.

If you still feel guilty, give them a text personally maybe? Explain your situation and how you want to minimize the guest count. In shaa Allah, He will ease you affairs. Either than that, if you have missed out on certain relatives that want to invite but your guest count is limited, maybe your whole family can pay that relative a visit with your new husband/wife after the wedding?

Whatever the case may be, focus on your plan. If your wedding will be small, do whatever it takes to save cost alright? Don’t worry too much about what people may say you know, like “Um why didn’t you invite us for your wedding?” or “How could you not invite us!”. Just say you only did a small & intimate wedding for close friends and families and that was the most beneficial to you at that time *thumbs up*

Anyway! I am sooooo excited to share with you all my invitation card! Firstly I would like to thank From Fran With Love for the most efficient, reliable and friendly service I could ever hoped for! Dealing with her was so smooth and she catered to all my needs alhamdulillah! Well I am not that fussy because I have chosen everything beforehand, only that I did have some add-ons (that will be in a later post).

For me, I really fell in love with that pink floral design at first sight as it is exactly how I wanted my invitation card to be! But before that, me and Mr A had a really hard time choosing the design because FFWL has a lot of varieties! Mr A has decided on a more quirky design which I thought is really cute of him! Sorry readers, I have to conceal the dates to surprise you all soon 😉

The printing of cards took about only a week or so and it was really fast for me! She updated me regularly on the progress and trust me, FFWL is highly recommended! Do check her Instagram out for all sorts of quirky events or wedding stationery and so much more at affordable prices! Thank you once again From Fran With Love!


Wedding Preparations Part 3 | Home After Marriage

Is this topic part of the wedding preparations? Well I don’t know haha. But ya, I think it’s important for me to talk about this topic because maybe there are some who are not aware of HDB’s Public Rental Scheme. I think it’s a really good idea to consider especially for those who are getting married at an early age and still trying to build up your CPF for a BTO house at a later date, but at the same time you wish to have your own privacy. Which means, you don’t wanna stay at either one of your parents’ houses or somebody else’s.

What is Public Rental Scheme?

Flats under the Public Rental Scheme are heavily subsidized to cater to Singapore Citizen (SC) households who have no other housing options.

The process; Me and Mr A applied for our rental house on the 9th of May, 2015 (1 day after my birthday LOL). Both of you need to be 21, and it must be after your birthday. That’s why we waited for my birthday to be over. If your birthday has not pass yet, parents must be there and both you and your parents need to bring your birth certificates (not sure about your parents though, but just bring along to be safe).

Just choose the zones you wish to live in – Flat Locations and it goes on from there. We waited for exactly 5 months and on the 1st of October, 2015 we finally received the super long-awaited HDB letter stating our date of appointment, which was on the 8th of October so we only had 1 week to choose our unit. Along with that letter, you will also be given a list of the available units you can choose from and also your queue number.

The lower your queue number is, the better because you’ll have a higher chance of choosing you favorite unit as there’ll be lesser people before you to choose the units. Hope you get the sense I’m making now :’) Pretty much self explanatory, once you have done research and also, ask around those who have rented a house before etc. You will have a clearer idea.

Here’s a link to HDB’s website for you to find out more about it – Public Rental Scheme. Since me and Mr A have made a decision in getting married at quite an early age, we planned that it would be better to be independent and live on our own right from the start. Reason being is simple, we don’t want to cause any inconveniences to anybody by still living with our parents even after marriage.

We have more privacy this way and hey, rental and all is cheap. So why not? Furthermore it’s only the both of us so we don’t think we need so much space as of now because me and Mr A don’t plan to have kids yet until he finishes his NS. Okay don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world after he goes into NS. I have the whole house to myself or, I can still go back to my siblings’ or my parents’. At the end of the week, we can go back to each other. Pretty much straight forward right?

With the help of Pinterest, I have so many inspiration for my small and cosy home. This weekend I’m going to paint my house already! I am so excited and I can’t contain it man. The feeling of getting your own house, even though a rented one, I still feel so blessed because I don’t need to think about my privacy with Mr A once we get married, we have a shelter on our heads, we can learn to be independent the hard way and much more.

And the most exciting part, is going to IKEA! Well not yet. Possibly this November or so because right now we need to clean the house and also paint it. Oh! Talking about painting the house, for those of you who needs painting services, do support my brother & wife’s painting business (they are freelance painters). Check out their paint work at – Painterly (Carousell) and also like their Facebook at – Painterly (Facebook).

Do follow my Snapchat okay if you want to see sneak peeks of my wedding preparations, my house progress etc. because I don’t always post all that much on Instagram so Snapchat is a better platform for me to show you all! Follow me at farahamxra 🙂 Anyway pretty much that is all I have for today’s post. If you all have any questions regarding this topic, just DM me on Twitter or Instagram alright!


Falling In Love Playlist | Random Thoughts

Just having some random thoughts on what songs to play at Mr A’s house on the big day :’) I don’t think I want the atmosphere to be awkward with no songs playing at the background haha. So here are some of the songs that I’d want to be played on the big day itself.

Your Guardian Angel – TRJA (First song he ever sang to me while playing the guitar :’))

Hasbi Rabbi – Akhil Hayy

Kamu Yang Kutunggu – Rossa ft. Afgan

Sampai Menutup Mata – Acha Septriasa

Restu – Achik & Nana

Bukan Cinta Biasa – Afgan

Terima Kasih Cinta – Afgan

Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Cailat

All My Life – K-Ci & Jojo

For The Rest Of My Life – Maher Zain

Baraka Allahu Lakuma – Maher Zain (Of course!)

A Thousand Years

Jalan Cinta – Sherina

Mewangi – Akim & The Majistret

Relakan Jiwa – Hazama

More Than Words – Westlife

Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden

All of Me – John Legend

Semua Tentang Kita – Peterpan

Love Me Like You Do

That’s all I have for now though people. If I ever have inspirations again, I will definitely post it here.

See you in my next post!

Wedding Preparations Part 1 | Venue Opinions & Decisions

Yes I am in the mood to blog again! Bonus alright for you guys hehe. Alright first things first, here’s a disclaimer to everyone who’s reading this right now. I’m in no position to judge anyone based on how y’all do you, so every opinion of mine in this post has a reason on itself. Let’s all have an open mind and what I really really hope through all my posts I could inspire people to listen to their own hearts, because at the end of the day, you’re gonna do you and I’m gonna do me 😉

So in today’s post I’m gonna talk about wedding venues and costs. Trust me, the wedding venue is so freaking important that without settling it first, it is almost impossible to proceed with other bookings/plans/registrations. I repeat, almost impossible. True? Like I mentioned in my previous post, I got engaged in November of last year and only in June of this year I get to finally book the venue of my choice.

Now you see, people are definitely gonna place their inputs and opinions in your head no matter where you do it. Void decks, hotels, home itself, mosques, MPHs, Safra, community centres etc. you name it. One thing I really hate about today’s ‘malay culture’ is that it now seemed like an important and compulsory thing to sanding (it means the sitting down of the bride and groom on the bridal couch/dais), have different pairs of bridal outfits, kompang and.. the list goes on and on.

Okay, I’m not against it, only to a certain extent because this tradition has been around for so long that maybe I can’t blame the generation nowadays. I can’t deny, I’m in awe each time I see weddings under the void deck/safra/MPH whatsoever. But hey, I’ve gotta be strong in telling my heart that it is not beneficial for myself and Mr A. Firstly, costs. Spending a whooping amount of almost $13K to $20K just for the wedding decor package does not sound amusing to me at all.

I mean think about it. What can you do with that kind of amount? You could pay the deposit for your new house, furniture, renovation, personal savings or honeymoon maybe? So. Much. Worth it. You work you a** off for years, only to spend the 5 digits on a one or two day event? It will not matter then, at what age you get married. Because if you spend that amount only in one or two days after years of saving, man I pity you to be honest. In no way I’m insulting you for making your wedding a grand one but come on?

Me and Mr A have never been favorable about this idea. Simply because the years of saving up money just for that one day event may result in holding back your intention in doing something good (i.e to be halal with someone). Such a pure intention ain’t it? Me and Mr A have faced a lot of challenges of wanting to be halal with each other. Good things, never come easy.

We have the closest people dissent our opinions and intentions. Well, that is the most heartbreaking experience because trust me, planning a wedding strictly based on your own tastes/decisions is hard man. You’ll start to see who’s really there for you in dark times, who are the ones who’ll support your decisions to be happy and who really cared for you. I mean, there are people who claim our own happiness is important but what if people disagree with the one and only thing that’ll make me and Mr A happy?

What, you ask? Me and Mr A have decided to make our wedding a simple one and we don’t wanna cause any inconveniences to ourselves, families and friends or whoever. We don’t wanna waste anyone’s money or energy. We’d rather spend lesser on our wedding and save lots more for our home, honeymoon, everyday needs and much much more after the wedding. In our malay community, for those who didn’t know, there is a common stereotype that goes – if you do a small wedding, you’ll be considered as ‘the poor one‘ or ‘maybe the girl is pregnant so that is why they rushed to marry‘ or some may even feel ashamed to do a small wedding nowadays. There’s a lot more though.

Sad huh. But hey, you’ve gotta be strong no matter what. Trust what is beneficial for you. Like what Ustaz Azhar Idrus said, “perkahwinan yang paling berkat adalah yang paling murah mas kahwin & paling murah belanja.” Which means the most blessed marriages are the one with the least amount of expenditures and cheapest dowry. I’m not gonna tell my son/daughter one day “eh you must do under the void deck okay” or “take the most expensive photography and videography packages’ or even “you better not do at the mosque because later people think we sengket (something like stingy).

I really do pray for these types of narrow-minded people I mean come on. Let the bride and groom do it how they want. It’s gonna be a once in a lifetime experience. Me and Mr A have kicked out a lot of opinions that don’t matter because why? It’s gonna be our marriage. Do the most beneficial thing. At the end of the day, we are satisfied because it was what we wanted. In shaa Allah, we believe sustenance only come from Allah SWT and our hard work.

Our choice of venue

We are always thankful of the people who supported our decision since day 1 in doing a small event. Me and Mr A have decided to have our solemnization done at Masjid Al-Istighfar. Didn’t take the solemnization hall though, as it costs $300 and the only difference is that it has a dais. Well, that is not important though because it’s only for a short period of time and you still have to go to the buffet hall to eat. So might as well I just get solemnized at the main prayer hall which is just beside the buffet hall (FOC) and just book the buffet hall.

Setup at the buffet hall include:
* Buffet table
* Bride & Groom dining table
* Elderly/disabled guests dining table

Not bad eh? 🙂 When we reached the venue to book the other day, I became so emotional. I went through so so much to get to where I was standing at that point of time. I felt so thankful to Allah SWT, for showing me the right thing to do and also the strength that came along with it. It was like, one burden was off of my shoulders because I can finally book other important things (coming up in the next few parts). I will not elaborate the hard times in my blog because it’s very much personal. I just hope, my readers will be strong in doing what you think is best.

The mosque is just for my side. On Mr A’s side, he just wanted a small event, inviting a small amount of people right at his home. Nothing grand 😉

My personal tips on planning a wedding:

* Do it for the sake of Allah and in seeking his pleasure, in shaa Allah
* No one is perfect, so do you
* Kick out the unnecessary opinions that will bring you down
* Plan and talk it out with your partner on what is really necessary for the wedding
* Be strong. There will be people who will dissent you
* Be decisive
* Wherever you think you can save cost, save it
* Always think about the future. Not just that one day event

Well, if there are anymore tips I will surely share with you readers along the way. Again, all this is just my opinion from the experience I went through. People are gonna talk, people are gonna hate. I personally feel the way I’m feeling. Don’t take it to the heart okay 😉

See you in my next post!


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