Let your inner voices and thoughts be heard!

I’d really love to hear your thoughts and stories on marriage, being single, having kids, why marriage is for you or why it is not, advice for the married ones, ANYTHING along those lines. I think it’ll be really interesting to listen to stories and thoughts from different people of different backgrounds.

Of course I’ll continue to blog, but I thought, why not start something new and interesting here? You can choose to stay anonymous or you can be as you are, either ways I’d still respect your decision. And yes, you can be from anywhere in the world!

You may have noticed that I do share articles from other blogs occasionally which I found interesting and helpful and that is where I aim for my blog to go to – to be able to inspire and help people in a way or two. So, it’s easy!

You can just email me your thoughts/stories/advices to frhamxra@hotmail.com with your name, where you are from, if you want to stay anonymous (or not), content and social media (if any). That’s all! Hope you all will feel inspired to share with me and my readers all about your thoughts and stories.

See you in my next post!