Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. Overwhelmed? Yes? Anxious? Yes, every night.

I can’t believe, we are only left with 34 days to the big day. Felt like it was only last month I got engaged to Mr. A. But in fact, last month was the first year of our engagement. How time flies?

Thinking about it, it will be 4 days to 30 days left. And then it becomes 29. And then 9 days to 20 days left. And then it becomes 19. It goes on till it reaches a single digit. I have been feeling all these mixed emotions in me because I kind of don’t know how to feel?

Everything has just been overwhelming for me because me and Mr. A have been very busy these few weekends (he’s working on weekdays so our weekends are fully occupied) settling errands for our marriage and also our new house.

Alhamdulillah, we have bought like 70% of the furniture etc. and we are only left with a few more before the house will be fully completed in shaa Allah. I couldn’t be more thankful to the people around us that have been supporting us and we feel so blessed definitely.

We are only left with 4 weekends before our wedding weekend and it kind of depresses me out. I don’t know why because all that is in my wedding checklist have been ticked. I am just literally waiting for the big day already.

Registered my marriage at ROMM, booked my kadi, booked my venue, booked my catering, bought my wedding outfits, booked my henna (nxedhenna by Nuryn Eddy) and makeup (Makeup by Hafizah Yazed), booked my bouquet (Colours of Autumn SG), got my invitation cards & wedding favor paper bags from (From Fran With Love), bought/booked all my wedding favors (there’s two; from By Shereen S and Tasbih Qaseh), booked my photographer, bought my bridesmaid dresses (Poplook) and all my gubahan/hantaran (gifts) for Mr. A.

I don’t know if I missed anything but alhamdulillah, couldn’t be more thankful and blessed. I am just left with preparing my wedding favors etc. and now more of the preparations are for my new home. It makes me so excited, and so nervous at the same time and I hope so much that with these two emotions together in my head, I won’t have a mental breakdown as the date gets nearer.

Well everything won’t be so perfect like how you imagined you want it to be. Planning for a wedding/marriage/new home isn’t as easy because you have got to hold your emotions in through everything with your partner. There will be miscommunication, not being satisfied with something and loads more.

For now, hope you all will pray for my thoughts to be stable LOL. 34 days is not long man! Anyway that is all for today’s post, do follow me at my snapchat; farahamxra for more BTS of my wedding/home preparations!