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Alhamdulillah to all that has reached out to me – through twitter or Instagram, expressing your gratitude for my blog posts and how much it has benefited you a thing or two. I am just an ordinary person, hoping to inspire people as much as I can. And with all the warm words I have received, ma shaa Allah I couldn’t be more thankful to you too for reading my blog.

So, the most painstaking part of a wedding is; who to invite?! I, absolutely hate this topic right from day 1. Why? Well honestly, I couldn’t be bothered at all with relatives that are not close to me. Well not to sound mean or whatever but, isn’t it funny that the fact that we are not close, then suddenly you just want to invite these people?

Even for Eid, you don’t see those people you know what I mean? Rather than inviting people that are not close to me, might as well I use up the cards strategically so that it won’t go to waste or to people I know that will most probably not come. Think carefully, who will come, who will not.

To host a small wedding, you really have to go into details as to who you would like to invite. The best way is to not invite the whole family. Instead, invite only the husbands and wives. Like, Farah & Husband not Farah & Family. This way, it kind of place people in a mindset that maybe, the bride & groom want to minimize the amount of guests.

I think it’s completely normal to just invite the ‘husbands & wives’ or only the ‘mums & dads’. Maybe the children or the cousins can just send their regards through the parents you know? Try not to feel guilty about it. After all, if you are doing just a small wedding, it is very important to save anything that is possible to be saved in terms of costs/guests.

If you still feel guilty, give them a text personally maybe? Explain your situation and how you want to minimize the guest count. In shaa Allah, He will ease you affairs. Either than that, if you have missed out on certain relatives that want to invite but your guest count is limited, maybe your whole family can pay that relative a visit with your new husband/wife after the wedding?

Whatever the case may be, focus on your plan. If your wedding will be small, do whatever it takes to save cost alright? Don’t worry too much about what people may say you know, like “Um why didn’t you invite us for your wedding?” or “How could you not invite us!”. Just say you only did a small & intimate wedding for close friends and families and that was the most beneficial to you at that time *thumbs up*

Anyway! I am sooooo excited to share with you all my invitation card! Firstly I would like to thank From Fran With Love for the most efficient, reliable and friendly service I could ever hoped for! Dealing with her was so smooth and she catered to all my needs alhamdulillah! Well I am not that fussy because I have chosen everything beforehand, only that I did have some add-ons (that will be in a later post).

For me, I really fell in love with that pink floral design at first sight as it is exactly how I wanted my invitation card to be! But before that, me and Mr A had a really hard time choosing the design because FFWL has a lot of varieties! Mr A has decided on a more quirky design which I thought is really cute of him! Sorry readers, I have to conceal the dates to surprise you all soon 😉

The printing of cards took about only a week or so and it was really fast for me! She updated me regularly on the progress and trust me, FFWL is highly recommended! Do check her Instagram out for all sorts of quirky events or wedding stationery and so much more at affordable prices! Thank you once again From Fran With Love!