Is this topic part of the wedding preparations? Well I don’t know haha. But ya, I think it’s important for me to talk about this topic because maybe there are some who are not aware of HDB’s Public Rental Scheme. I think it’s a really good idea to consider especially for those who are getting married at an early age and still trying to build up your CPF for a BTO house at a later date, but at the same time you wish to have your own privacy. Which means, you don’t wanna stay at either one of your parents’ houses or somebody else’s.

What is Public Rental Scheme?

Flats under the Public Rental Scheme are heavily subsidized to cater to Singapore Citizen (SC) households who have no other housing options.

The process; Me and Mr A applied for our rental house on the 9th of May, 2015 (1 day after my birthday LOL). Both of you need to be 21, and it must be after your birthday. That’s why we waited for my birthday to be over. If your birthday has not pass yet, parents must be there and both you and your parents need to bring your birth certificates (not sure about your parents though, but just bring along to be safe).

Just choose the zones you wish to live in – Flat Locations and it goes on from there. We waited for exactly 5 months and on the 1st of October, 2015 we finally received the super long-awaited HDB letter stating our date of appointment, which was on the 8th of October so we only had 1 week to choose our unit. Along with that letter, you will also be given a list of the available units you can choose from and also your queue number.

The lower your queue number is, the better because you’ll have a higher chance of choosing you favorite unit as there’ll be lesser people before you to choose the units. Hope you get the sense I’m making now :’) Pretty much self explanatory, once you have done research and also, ask around those who have rented a house before etc. You will have a clearer idea.

Here’s a link to HDB’s website for you to find out more about it – Public Rental Scheme. Since me and Mr A have made a decision in getting married at quite an early age, we planned that it would be better to be independent and live on our own right from the start. Reason being is simple, we don’t want to cause any inconveniences to anybody by still living with our parents even after marriage.

We have more privacy this way and hey, rental and all is cheap. So why not? Furthermore it’s only the both of us so we don’t think we need so much space as of now because me and Mr A don’t plan to have kids yet until he finishes his NS. Okay don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world after he goes into NS. I have the whole house to myself or, I can still go back to my siblings’ or my parents’. At the end of the week, we can go back to each other. Pretty much straight forward right?

With the help of Pinterest, I have so many inspiration for my small and cosy home. This weekend I’m going to paint my house already! I am so excited and I can’t contain it man. The feeling of getting your own house, even though a rented one, I still feel so blessed because I don’t need to think about my privacy with Mr A once we get married, we have a shelter on our heads, we can learn to be independent the hard way and much more.

And the most exciting part, is going to IKEA! Well not yet. Possibly this November or so because right now we need to clean the house and also paint it. Oh! Talking about painting the house, for those of you who needs painting services, do support my brother & wife’s painting business (they are freelance painters). Check out their paint work at – Painterly (Carousell) and also like their Facebook at – Painterly (Facebook).

Do follow my Snapchat okay if you want to see sneak peeks of my wedding preparations, my house progress etc. because I don’t always post all that much on Instagram so Snapchat is a better platform for me to show you all! Follow me at farahamxra 🙂 Anyway pretty much that is all I have for today’s post. If you all have any questions regarding this topic, just DM me on Twitter or Instagram alright!