Hope all you readers are doing good! In today’s post, I’m gonna talk about a few makeup artists that I had in mind and which I have chosen to cake my face up on the big day. Don’t think it’ll be a long post for today because I don’t think I have a lot to say about the make-up part haha!

To me the most crucial and important factor that I look for in a make-up artist is; their skills in the brow department. I don’t know why but brows are like so important for me because once your eyebrows go wrong, that’s it. I just feel like brows are the first thing that people will notice about your make-up. So my decisions are so narrow because honestly, there’s not much :’)

Been searching a lot for a good make-up artist through Instagram, Facebook, websites etc. Well, not only good, but who doesn’t want a good make-up artist and at the same time, affordable right! I am sure you girls out there have heard/been following With Love Yumi on Instagram and we all know how GOOD she is I mean really!  Her make-up works are so freaking glowy, polished and her brow skills, damn!

Well I have been following her since forever and despite being a fan of her make-up works, her quotations did not fall into my preferred range. I mean it’s okay you know because I understand that she is a really good make-up artist and for me, the price is worthy of the quality she delivers. So there’s a few more make-up artists in mind, and they are;

Blushers and Bokehs

The Wedding Brocade

Makeup By Hafizah Yazed



The Atelier Weddings

Alright these are some of the ones that I have enquired about and their make-up to me, are up to my expectations and with a budget I am holding on to, I can’t expect much right? So after much consideration, the one that stood out to me was Hafizah Yazed’s because her brow skills attracted me and not to forget her overall make-up skills are good! I mean for the price she offers and the quality she delivers from her photos, definitely sealed the deal for me.

Honestly I think I am not that fickle-minded in planning my wedding. Like what I want, how I want to be etc. If I like it, I’ll go for it. I don’t stress myself out with choices haha! I keep an open mind and always reminding myself to not go so over the budget and most importantly, Mr A could agree on my decision.

Yes! That is one tip I have for you in this post. It is always important that both agrees to a certain decision and don’t make decisions that either one of you is not in favour for. Always talk about the budget you all are holding on to, look around for more alternatives (I’m sure there will always be) and most importantly, talk it out nicely. I’m sure it’ll work out.

Alhamdulillah for Mr A, as he is always so understanding of me and always so strong in making decisions. He never fails to be assuring and affirmative of the things he does and decides and I love that about him 😉 Anyway that is all I have for today’s post. For BTBs, do check out those make-up artists that I have mentioned as they are quite good in my opinion! See you again in my next post! 😉