Alright I’ve been neglecting my blog (farahamxra) for so long and I’ve decided to get back at blogging. My last post was on February the 5th! :’) So for a new start, I wanna start right, which is to blog about my wedding preparations. I believe it’ll be a good experience to look back at my wedding preparations, how I felt during that point of time, the jitters and all when I finally have gotten married. So this blog will be a keepsake for me.

For those who didn’t know, I got engaged on the 15th of November, 2014. I wanted just a small event, involving only closest family members. I don’t like the idea of spending too much for something I don’t think should be grand at all. Well, that is my personal opinion. I didn’t spend much money and energy at all. The engagement was quite impromptu, so I only had about a month of planning and buying the outfit/gifts/booking.

Well, the only booking I made was for my henna and catering (catering was booked by my mum). The gifts that I bought for Mr A were just;

Baju Kurung – Silverhouse @ TKC


Ring – Citigem




Bunga Rampai (DIY – just 20 pieces)




So that were the 5 gifts from me. Another 2 were bought for me by my mum for Mr A (pulut cake & chocolate cake), and cupcakes were from one of my best girls, Sheikha from Fluff Bakery πŸ˜‰




So that makes a total of 8 gifts for him. I spent about $500 – $600 in total, for my engagement. If it’s not because of the ring and baju kurung, I wouldn’t have spent that much but hey, engagement is only a once in a lifetime experience so why not right? On to my makeup, it is done by my sister as she is a bridal makeup artist and it’s FOC πŸ˜‰ I definitely saved a lot from there. My henna is done by my brother-in-law’s niece, for only $50 (up to the wrist, no cappings). Great job done by Syahirah, from Royal Henna by Shya. Outfit was from Sufyaa‘s Eternally Yours collection.

Initially I wanted to wear a black abaya, but scared it’ll be a bit dull so I went with a more brighter colour and my hijab was from Khadijah at TKC.




Oh! Not forgetting the door gift for my engagement event, also a gift from my mum which were pulut rendang, from Diva for All. So so so delicious! Shout out to one of my best girls Nina, because me and my mum fell in love with the pulut rendang Nina’s sister had as her doorgift for her wedding! πŸ˜‰



Anyway, those were some of the pictures I have for you. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. The way I want, just a small and intimate event. As of now, me and Mr A have been engaged for 288 days, which is quite mind-blowing for the both of us as time is moving past us so fast and now we are already in the mid of our wedding preparations (coming up in the next few post).

I’m gonna divide my wedding preparation series into a few post so that I wouldn’t have to chunk everything into one post! :’) Hope you people would be looking forward to that because I have a lot to talk about regarding “grand” and “not-so-grand” weddings and how I want mine to be like. Definitely excited to be blogging again! See you soon in my next post πŸ˜‰